Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Free Twitter Text Notifications

I thought I'll just pop by after a while to give a bit of a helpful tip combining 3 great things - Technology, Football and Freemium. Yes, two of my most favorite things plus everybody's desire. You know how most weekends you receive texts from your mobile service provider reminding you to subscribe to a service which alerts you via text messages about news and scores from your favorite team at very 'low' costs? What if you could have that for absolutely no cost at all with no bother from any service provider. Here you go.

What you need

  • A mobile phone
  • A twitter account
  • Official twitter account of the football (or sports) team you support

Step 1
Create a twitter account if you do not already have one in this day and age. (It's much cooler than Facebook by the way)

Setting up your mobile phone to receive tweets.
At this moment you need to go into your settings via the wrench icon on the right side of the top bar of the page. Clicking it brings up a drop down list that includes 'Settings'. Once on the settings page, you want to click on the 'Mobile' link on the left side menu. From there you need to set the form up for 'Activate Twitter Text Messaging'. Just go ahead and select your country and input your mobile number as well selecting your network or carrier provider. At the moment, for Ghana, Airtel, +Tigo Ghana , MTN, Glo, Expresso and Vodafone are all supported.
On the next screen, you are instructed to text GO on your phone to 40404. Do so. In a little while, the screen should automatically change to show that the activation was successful. You can change or leave the additional options as you wish. I choose to leave them as they are.

Step 2

Once you have your twitter account set up and mobile phone ready for tweet notifications, go ahead to find and follow the official twitter account of your club. I'm only suggesting the official accounts. This is because I'm assuming you do not want to be unnecessarily disturbed by tweet alerts on your phone by the unofficial accounts which tend to tweet for the fun of it even if it does not remotely concern the team plus useless made-up rumors. To make things a bit easy, I'm putting up links to the official verified accounts of some of the big clubs you most probably are a fun of.


If these links aren't helpful to you for some reason as your team not coming to the top of my head as a popular team, go ahead and use the search bar to find your beloved club and click the follow button to follow them.
Note: Verified official accounts are marked by a verification icon --->
While you are at that, you might want to follow me on https://twitter.com/felixsarp or https://twitter.com/techdroolgh

Step 3
Having successfully followed your team, you need to set them up for receiving their tweets as text messages on your mobile phone.
First you want to go to their profile if you aren't there already. This can be done by searching from the list of people you follow or as a shortcut, press 'g' and 'u' together on your keyboard if you are on a computer and start typing the name of the team. If found and on their profile page, identify the settings on the left of the following button. Click it to reveal the drop down menu and notice 'Turn on mobile notifications' in the list. You are left with simply clicking to tick it on and you are good to go.

Henceforth, all official tweets from your team will be received on your phone as text messages even if you are not connected to the internet without any charges. If you are reading this from a country where you are charged for receiving text, you might not be too happy with this. For my Ghanaian friends and readers though, I'm sure you'll be happy with this. Thanks for reading and I hope I've been helpful in a way.

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