Monday, May 13, 2013

MyTiGO Android App

MyTiGO is an android application I developed and have been using for some time now. How many times have you had to pause and think for a while or even ask a friend for one of those short codes to check your balance, get internet bundles or even recharge? This is your answer. Having developed and been using it personally, I think it's time to get this in a lot of people hands as a lot seem to also have my code memorizing mental challenge as well.

MyTiGO helps to easily recharge a scratch card number for credit with just the touch of a button. Unarguably a better alternative to the *842*...# option or going through automated voice menus to perform a simple task. Also included is the ability to check your balance and bonuses. The app also provides quick access to the Tigo Cash menu where transactions can be made with the various sub-services under Tigo Cash. +Tigo Ghana can provide more details on that.

Tigo recently launched an Internet portal which I also included in the app. It most helpful to get details of and subscribe to various data packages. The first page of the portal that I incorporated gives an overview of the user's account providing information about balance, current data package and its expiration date.

Tigo Internet Portal Page

Additional features that are included are pages for the 3 main social network accounts for Tigo on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. All these are embedded into the app and can easily be switched back to the normal Tigo mobile services page.

Wrapping up, I think these type of applications should be provided by all the mobile network service providers to ease usability for their customers especially on mobile devices they sell directly to customers as pre-installed apps. The app is currently available to any interested persons who send me an email ( or ) requesting for it. Please do send feedback of your experience and how it works for you just so I can optimize it for various devices.

Update: The apk file is now downloadable from the following links.
Download from the Google Play store now

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