Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TISU.COM.GH - Experience is one of the many sprung up Ghanaian online purchasing websites that has caught my interest these past few months. This is a website that features deals from other businesses ranging from telecommunication networks, ice cream shops, phone unlocking and restaurants. Having only purchased mobile phone credit over this service, this review if I should call it so, might not completely reflect the experience you might have while using it for a different purchase. For those of you familiar with the Akan language, you might already have a fairly good understanding about the service provided by If not, 'tisu' (or its correct spelling 'teso') in the Akan language means 'to reduce'. Yes, you guessed right. is an online purchasing service that features discounted deals from other businesses for the purchase of their products or services. As you may already know or be already, Ghanaians will always ask for a reduction of price for any item they purchase. This is why being Ghanaian, I was much content about getting to know about this service. May I acknowledge +David Baksmaty for introducing me to this great service.

How It Works

You should first be  a registered user to use the service. This requires the normal filling of a form with basic information and account verification.
Next, you find a deal from the website that interests you. The website usually has about three or four deals to choose from every week. These deals are very diverse with regards to business type and so you will most likely find something that interests you. If nothing interests you, at least you may be tempted by a mobile network deal which features every week as I have observed for yourself or a loved one.

Having found a deal, you make an order simply by clicking a 'buy' button. It is important to read the deal information to know its expiration date as well as how many orders needed for it to tip. From my experience, all the deals I have bought have only had one user order requirement to tip/activate.

Wait for the order confirmation email, read it and proceed to make the payment as you wish via one of the acceptable mode of payments - MTN mobile money, MPower mobile payments, GT Bank and Stanbic Bank deposites.

Upon payment completion, another mail is sent which confirms if the order limit for the deal has tipped and a link to print your coupon is provided. For my case, I was just emailed the particular telecommunication network scratch card numbers since I didn't need to enjoy or receive the product/service at the merchant's place and so the coupon was available but not needed. I believe these coupons will be needed for deals where you would have to go to the merchant such as a discounted dinner at a restaurant, ice cream purchase or the decode/unlock blackberry deal I have just seen.

My 1st Experience

The great thing about is the fact that payments for deals are made online (sort of). In my case, for discounted tigo credit deal, I wished to pay through my Tigo cash account. Who wouldn't want to just sit in front of their computer or any internet browsing capable device and purchase cell phone credit  for as low as 1GHS for 5GHS worth credit. Tigo cash is not in the list of acceptable payment modes and after talking with customer care it was 'clear' I cannot pay through Tigo cash - a message I consciously ignored. I went ahead to attempt getting the deal and received details of the order and payment instructions in an email.

Message received from confirming order and payment instructions

 I then went ahead to precisely ignore the info on the site and the nice customer service lady and made a transfer of the 1 cedi into Tisu's MTN Mobile Money account from my Tigo Cash account. Knowing very well I had not followed instructions to the letter of the 'law', I replied Tisu's email stating that I had made the purchase with Tigo Cash and gave them the code for retrieving the money quoting the order number for the purchase. Within an hour, I was emailed the scratch card number of the Tigo credit which I loaded immediately to have my 5 cedis credit. Since then, I have gone on to buy mobile phone credit for two other mobile networks - MTN and Airtel.

Apart from the main service of simply buying a deal and enjoying it, also has some interesting added features. Some of which include buying a deal for a friend and the use of gift cards. You can check them out from the site and let us and them know what you think about them.

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