Friday, July 5, 2013

Ghana Cedi Converter Android App

After a lot of anticipation and lackluster, I eventually got my first app on the Google Play Store. It just had to be the simplest of the apps I had tried my hands on - Ghana Cedi Converter. As you might have picked up already, it a very simple app that converts a figure entered from some of the most popular currencies to our beloved Ghana Cedi (GHS). I still wonder why GHS is used rather than GHC as our currency's official code. Gave me a few errors in development of the app I must admit. However, it is here for your use if you are that Chinese goods importer who needs to know how much duty you are likely to pay or even a businessman on the road and who needs to know how your foreign transactions are affecting your local accounts.
Ghana Cedi Converter page on web browser
Installation page on phone
App Interface

Hopefully, this is the first of a lot of Ghanaian centered apps I am going to publish on the app store. Looking ahead, there are a few fun apps and tools currently in development.


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